Fruit and Veggies Arent as Good as They Say

First watch this:

Then comment.  He is basically telling you that furctose from any source, is metabolically damaging; as bad as alcohol.  And kids are drinking/eating this stuff in dangerous quantities.

Remember as well that honey, and agave are pure fructose, even higher percentage wise than table sugar or high fructose corn syrup.  Damaging the liver, making you fat and sick, and increasing health care costs the world over.  My only beef with the video is the apparent sainthood awarded to fiber, which for all intents and purposes is inert, indigestable material at best, and is NOT dietarily essential.

Vegetables arent innocent either. 

All the more reason to stick to starches for carb sources.  Potatoes and rice.

Recently I read a nutritional guideline written by a dietary coach and trainer to many natural bodybuilding competitors.  He gave a short foods list for helping muscle gain as well as fat loss and the list looked like this:



Raw milk/cheese



Cottage cheese

Sea food (animals)


Some fruits

When asked why vegetables werent included, his reply was something to the effect of “we arent ruminants” and the implication was profound for me.

Read this:

We as non-ruminants simply cannot digest this stuff.  Even cooked, very little nutrition is getting to our cells.  We don’t have different stomach chambers with which to digest it, we don’t have the amount of bacterias to ferment it, we don’t regurgitate food to chew it more, and we lack the necessary enzymes to break down the cellulose (no animals have enzymes to break down cellulose).  We do have amylase though, and this is for the breakdown of STARCH.  Eat starch.

Will fruits and vegetables kill you?  Maybe. Probably not though. But they wont save your life either. Eat some, or don’t.  Fit it into your daily carb allowance and move on. 


Workout B

Deadlifts- 375lbs. 5 reps

Weighted Dips negatives only- 90lbs. 1min 3sec. Body weight hold 21sec

Hammer row negative only- 120lbs each hand. 5 full negative reps.

I’m so sore all up and down my back.  Pecs are sore.  Triceps are sore.  Wow.

Ate a little extra protein yesterday.  Back to fat today.

Optimal-Paleo at it’s best

Today’s breakfast: 

2 large cups of coffee with heavy cream

Today’s lunch:

Bacon, fried eggs, fried mushroom tops, and fried sirloin beef burgers.  Everything was fried in bacon grease.

Today’s dinner:

Optimal blueberry cheesecake courtesy of Fran.

I love her.  She just gets me.

I will also drink another 4-6oz of cream today, just for good measure.

Yesterday I decided to go back to simplicity as far as my workouts go.  I’ll be starting big 3 on a two-way split.

Workout A:
Leg press
Overhead press static/dynamic
Pullover static/ pulldown dynamic

Workout B:
Negative only dips
Negative only rows

This workout will be performed with 4-7 days between A and B.  My goal is strength and hypertrophy.  I will be sacrificing some conditioning to accomplish this goal, as I’ve recently read that it may be necessary to do this to maximize the desired response.  I want to grow this winter, and with the extra calories from fat I believe I can do this.  I will also be using creatine monohydrate, and drinking 1-2 gallons of water per day.  If this doesn’t work, I will go back to the metabolic conditioning workouts mixed with superslow.  But I want size.

Fran seems to be after the same thing too, so helping each other to obtain this will be mutually beneficial.  She just doesn’t eat enough, so for the next few days I’m making sure it happens.

She will be on 2000 calories, and I will be on 3000.  We will both be using the creatine and drinking tonnes of water.  She however, is convinced that working out 3x per week will work better than once every 4-7 days.  I’m less confident. 

Let the experiment begin.

13 days into the Whole 30

I feel fine.  Sleeping well, not really hungry, even energy through the day, etc.  These are all things I fully expected.

Something that Dr Kwasniewski talked about in his book was being able to deal with stress better.  Although I’m not exactly sure what he meant in that regard, I can say unequivocally, that I am dealing with plenty of stress, and dealing very well with it. 

This past week, two of my uncles passed away.  My dad’s youngest brother, and my mom’s oldest brother. Both of these men were close to 50 years old, and simply left before their time.  While I wasn’t particularly close to either of them, I felt a deep sorrow, and until last night I couldn’t describe why.  Really, I felt upset that many of my other family members will likely end up following in my uncles’ footsteps. 

Fran and I wholeheartedly agree on this fact.  And we will stop at nothing to make sure that at very least, we starve away disease in the best way possible for the rest of our lives.  I wanna hold great-great-grandchildren. 

Today’s goal:  eat perfect optimal ratios.

Whole 30 day 9

Its day 9 and I’m not happy.  Its not as though I feel incomplete, or dont like eating only real food.  I really do and wont go back for a long time.  This experiment in diet has caused a lapse in judgement on my part.  That lapse is on the volume scale, and I’m embarassed to admit that I have fallen victim to my own self defeat.  I havent been eating Optimal ratios of nutrients and subsequently have been hungry and tired.


Optimal ratios are a reference to the Diet perscribed in a different post, which is based on nutritional needs and not up for debate.  I will return to these ratios as of this moment, and this is declaration of adherence.  I need to be able to bring the information to life by following my own advice.  To walk the path before I instruct others to follow.  I also will be back to using this blog as a means to vent my thoughts and emotions, which will be available to anyone willing to put up with it.


Today the plan is the Optimal cheese cake.


24oz of full fat cream cheese

1/4-1/2 cup full fat sour cream

4 whole eggs

1 full packet unflavored gelatine

1tbsn real vanilla

1tbsn real lemon juice

16 packets Truvia Stevia powder

Mix all ingredients with a hand blender and pour into a flat square pyrex.  Heat on 400 in oven for 15 min, then take heat down to 200 for one hour.


Easy peasy. 

279g fat,  25g carbs,  90g protein



So this Whole30 will from this point be a Paleo-Optimal whole30 by design.  Im not interested in derivitives at this point.  I need to master the fundamentals.  This is what I am capable of.

Modified Whole 30- day 1

It was way easier than I expected.  I didn’t experience a caffeine headache,  I had no cravings and even though I was a little hungry, I felt satisfied every time I ate. 

I didn’t get quite enough sleep, but I was close.

I started my day off by eating at Chipotle, a burrito bowl with fajita peppers, shredded pork, Pico De Gallo, guacamole and lettuce.  This was at about 1:30pm.  At about 430 I ate 2 ground beef patties that were 8oz each before cooking.  Each of these had a slice of provalone cheese, and I ate half of an avocado with it.  At about 8pm I had the same Burger/cheese/avocado concoction and that was it for the day.

I also managed to drink over a gallon of plain water, which I don’t think I’ve done for a month or two.  Over all day one was a huge success for me.

It’s day 2 today.  I have a workout scheduled for today and will need some extra food.  So I’ll likely have mashed sweet potatoes with butter, and some type of meat, probably pork.  Who knows at this point?

What Am I Capable Of

Im getting married tomorrow.  Im certainly capable of doing this.  I have no doubt in my mind that Francesca is as good a woman as there is out there.  I say this unequivically, and without doubt.


When I ask what I am capable of, I mean to ask, what am I capable of achieving with my mind.  This is a resounding statement that I think all men should be asking themselves about at some point in their life, and I feel fortunate that I am asking it now instead of waiting until I’m 45 or 50.  Im 26 now.


I have started my own business and put my name on it.  Although the actual name of the business may change at any point, and likely will, its my creation to mould and take responsibility for.  Because of this I refuse to accept alternatives.  I refuse to comprimise my morals and values, and I refuse to trade judgement and independent thought for “security” or “the well being of the greater good”  and I am asked to on a continual basis.


Several months ago I was asked if I could put together exercise and nutritional programs for people in a clear and concise way.  My answer was “I have no doubt that I can put together the programs you’ve asked for, and bet my life and reputation on it.”  Or something to that effect.  I can and do bet my life on it, as these are the same programs that I follow myself.


When it came to the attention of the people that asked this of me that I was perscribing nutritional programs high in animal products and fat, I was questioned as to my methods and reasons and after defending my position was rewarded by changing the minds of the people who thought the program wouldnt anyone lose much in the way of body fat.  More recently Ive encountered a different, but similarly puzzling problem.  These people have now asked me if I know how to create programs that will help people gain weight.  The paradox, as confusing as it seems, is actually a matter of the same philosophical mistake.  How can a diet work to help one lose and gain weight?


The initial assumption these people had was that I perscribe a “low-carb” diet.  Although the diet I adhere to and give away free of charge to the clients that I have is a fairly low-carb diet, its predicated more on the OPTIMAL ratios of nutrients in the diet. 


I was asked, “how can you build muscle on a low-carb diet?”  and my reply was “carbohydrates are not used as structural components in the body.  they are an energy substrate and as such are used for energy production.”  The implication being that carbs arent required for building anything.  Which they are not.


I want to conduct an experiment on my self and I’m gonna do it starting Monday September 24th, 2012.  Follow a modified Whole30, exercise 2-3 x per week utilizing a twice weekly weight training regime and HIIT once a week, cold exposure, and sleeping and walking in biologically appropriate amounts.  It will be done.  And here are my whole 30 rules:


1) Eat meat, eggs and veggies, some fruits, a few nuts and organic dairy fats. NOTHING ELSE!!!

2) Eat 2-3 meals per day with zero snacking.  None.

3) Take 15min cold showers 3x per week, drink 1-2 gallons of cold water per day.

4) Follow a two-way split training program emphisizing compound movements and high intensity cardio.

5) Sleep 8 hours per night.

And anothers goal I have is to pick up atleast 5 more clients before the end of October.


Now, lets see what I’m capable of.