How to Lose Weight (guide to fat loss)

This will not be as thorough as it could be.  There is simply too much variation between different individuals to write a completely comprehensive guide.  This will be an easy way to get your program started however, and is the place I usually find myself in whenever I feel I’ve gotten a little too fat.

1) Stop eating ANY type of sugar products.  Honey, agave, fruit, fruit juices, soda, etc.  This should go without saying, however many people are so convinced that an apple a day is a necessity that they will refuse to give up fruit.  I can tell you that if you continue to eat it, you will have a very difficult time losing that last 10lbs.

2) Eliminate ALL grains, beans, nuts, seeds and dairy.  This means no corn, rice, wheat, oats, millet, quinoa, rye, barley, garbanzos, kidney beans, peas, peanuts, soy, limas, chick peas, black beans, refried beans, hominey, hummus, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, cashews, pecans, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, pistachios, cheese, cream, sour cream, cream cheese, milk, yoghurt, protein powders, ice cream, etc.  This is not a complete list, so if I forgot something, dont sneak it in there.

3) Keep carbs to 5-10% of calories.  This means usually 25-50 grams per day of non fiber carbs.  Less may be better.  Or necessary.  If anything makes people fat, it is over consumption of carbohydrate.  This is a hard rule for some to follow, but may be the most critical.  On top of that, the harder it is for you (mentally) to eliminate carbs, the more you should restrict them.

4) Keep Protein intake on the low end.  20-25% of total calories.  Access protein very easily becomes glucose (blood sugar) and sugar makes you fat.  Mega doses of protein will also jack your kidneys and possibly liver by creating access urea, ammonia, and nitrogen.  Remember, beyond need, there is NO REASON to over consume protein.  Eating beyond your need will not somehow force your body to utilize the left overs.  Rather, your body will turn it into glucose, drive up insulin, and store your calories as fat.

5) Exercise harder.  Figure out ways to make exercise harder and it will work better for you.  There is no mystery to exercise anymore.  Hit the weights, throw in some high intensity cardio, recover properly, and repeat.  I have been using Crossfit style exercises for the last few weeks, and I love it.

6) Drink at least a gallon of calorie free liquid everyday.  Diet sodas on occasion wont kill you, but do your best to stick to water, tea, and coffee.  For some people, artificial sweeteners will make you hungrier, or cause an insulin spike, both of which can hinder fat loss.

7) De-stress yourself.  Dont build angst about ANYTHING regarding your fat loss.  Relax as much as is possible.  This is very crucial.  Many people will go into a fat loss program so desparate to lose “weight” that they’ll worry about every little detail, from grams of fat, to macro ratios, to what flavor of crystal light creates the biggest insulin response.  Focus on the bigger picture.  It didnt take you 6 weeks to get fat, so dont expect 6 weeks to a 6 pack.  Lose weight slowly and predictably and it will come off with time.

Thats about it.  I gave you a lot of “donts” so heres a list of “dos”;

– Do eat meat, eggs and veggies.  Lots of meat.  Avoid the starchy veggies, but enjoy greens, totatoes, bell peppers, onions, some squashes, cucumbers, etc.

– Do use salt, especially iodized salt.  After a longer period of avoiding boxed, and canned foods, you probably wont get enough sodium in your diet.  Use occasionally and enjoy.

– Do have a cheat meal, but try to avoid the worst foods.  If you currently live for pasta night, enjoy a pasta dinner once a week.  Work out harder than you ever have before,  portion yourself, eat slowly and enjoy.  Next day, start back on your diet in a militant way.

Again, I am available for nutritional consultations and personal training.  Contact me through this website for more info.


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