Spread The Word, and Gluten

In Dr Kwasniewski’s book, he suggests that optimal dieters spread the word about this way of eating in their own local environments.  I strongly encourage this practice and as proof, I created this blog.

The Optimal Diet is the best diet one could possibly adopt.  Running the human machine on fats is like using gasoline in your car.  It just works.  Try putting anything else in the tank and you’ll have a tough and expensive time trying to fix it.  Yes the body will use carbs for energy to a certain degree, however, this is only because it’s toxic in high doses and if your body doesn’t use it, you’ll die.  See this.

If your pancreas works still and you are able to get the sugar out of your blood, much of it will become fat.  This doesn’t mean your pancreas is working normally though.  You could be pumping out massive amounts of insulin to get your sugar down, and when that mechanism stops working, you have diabetes.

This does NOT mean you should not eat carbs.  It only means that CHO should not be your primary fuel.  40-60g a day is the sweet spot for most people.  Eat them all at once in the middle of the day if trying to lose fat.

Dr. K also recommends keeping the Optimal way of eating out of friendly dinner table conversation.  I humbly disagree.  Check out Kurt Harris’s site Archevore, and look for the post about smoking the candy cigarettes.  I feel the same way that Dr Harris does about the situation.

Onto Gluten

My cousin’s son was recently diagnosed with Celiac’s disease, which is basically a severe allergy to Gluten. (I truly believe most humans don’t digest gluten appropriately, and as a consequence end up with major digestive issues, including poor nutrient absorption.)  One of her friends told her about her own attempt at a gluten free diet.  She claimed it was too expensive to continue, and so had to do away with it.  I argue this is blatantly false.

12 eggs, 3oz potatoes, 2 cups heavy cream, and 2 tablespoons of butter would be plenty for any optimal dieter for one day, and total price would come to roughly $5 U.S.

In my own opinion, the Optimal Diet would be a gluten free diet.  This protein can inhibit nutrient absorption and by itself, is very poor protein source anyway.  Dr. K does include wheat flour and breads in many of his recipes, however, a simple substitution of rice flour or potato starch is recommended.  These powdery Carb sources are without much protein to begin with, and do not contain gluten. 

I’ll be posting a few gluten free recipes with Optimal ratios in the next day or two.  Stay tuned.


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