After a few weeks of eating potatoes regularly, I finally bought an electronic food scale and weighed a potato.  Wow.  They are a lot more dense than I thought they were, and they’re a huge Carb load as well.  This is not as I’d like it to be.  The amount of potato one should eat is 3-4oz a day.  I was eating 7 or more!  Double my Carb intake.  Damn.

I bought rice cakes, plain organic brown rice cakes with salt.  These have 8 carbs each and they are a nice texture.  Virtually 100% starch, and easily accessible.  2 dollars for like a dozen cakes.  Tastes great with cream cheese, or mascarpone cheese.  Fran likes to add a little fruit, or nut butters. 

I still think potatoes are a better food than rice. Or fruit.  But the amount of potato one should be eating to get your carbs in for the day is probably a lot smaller than you think. 

Time to get serious.  Weigh your food.

Ill be using the scale for meats, potatoes, fruits, other veggies, and cheese.  These are normal foods for me to guess on.  I would also recommend using the scale for nuts and nut butters, protein powders, and other supplements.  Its easy to under estimate on these.

In an effort to make ratios as good as possible, it’s almost a necessity to weight your food.  Over doing fats probably isn’t gonna hurt as much as over doing the carbs and or protein, but the carbs and protein are only needed in very small amounts. 


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