Spread The Word, and Gluten

In Dr Kwasniewski’s book, he suggests that optimal dieters spread the word about this way of eating in their own local environments.  I strongly encourage this practice and as proof, I created this blog.

The Optimal Diet is the best diet one could possibly adopt.  Running the human machine on fats is like using gasoline in your car.  It just works.  Try putting anything else in the tank and you’ll have a tough and expensive time trying to fix it.  Yes the body will use carbs for energy to a certain degree, however, this is only because it’s toxic in high doses and if your body doesn’t use it, you’ll die.  See this.

If your pancreas works still and you are able to get the sugar out of your blood, much of it will become fat.  This doesn’t mean your pancreas is working normally though.  You could be pumping out massive amounts of insulin to get your sugar down, and when that mechanism stops working, you have diabetes.

This does NOT mean you should not eat carbs.  It only means that CHO should not be your primary fuel.  40-60g a day is the sweet spot for most people.  Eat them all at once in the middle of the day if trying to lose fat.

Dr. K also recommends keeping the Optimal way of eating out of friendly dinner table conversation.  I humbly disagree.  Check out Kurt Harris’s site Archevore, and look for the post about smoking the candy cigarettes.  I feel the same way that Dr Harris does about the situation.

Onto Gluten

My cousin’s son was recently diagnosed with Celiac’s disease, which is basically a severe allergy to Gluten. (I truly believe most humans don’t digest gluten appropriately, and as a consequence end up with major digestive issues, including poor nutrient absorption.)  One of her friends told her about her own attempt at a gluten free diet.  She claimed it was too expensive to continue, and so had to do away with it.  I argue this is blatantly false.

12 eggs, 3oz potatoes, 2 cups heavy cream, and 2 tablespoons of butter would be plenty for any optimal dieter for one day, and total price would come to roughly $5 U.S.

In my own opinion, the Optimal Diet would be a gluten free diet.  This protein can inhibit nutrient absorption and by itself, is very poor protein source anyway.  Dr. K does include wheat flour and breads in many of his recipes, however, a simple substitution of rice flour or potato starch is recommended.  These powdery Carb sources are without much protein to begin with, and do not contain gluten. 

I’ll be posting a few gluten free recipes with Optimal ratios in the next day or two.  Stay tuned.



After a few weeks of eating potatoes regularly, I finally bought an electronic food scale and weighed a potato.  Wow.  They are a lot more dense than I thought they were, and they’re a huge Carb load as well.  This is not as I’d like it to be.  The amount of potato one should eat is 3-4oz a day.  I was eating 7 or more!  Double my Carb intake.  Damn.

I bought rice cakes, plain organic brown rice cakes with salt.  These have 8 carbs each and they are a nice texture.  Virtually 100% starch, and easily accessible.  2 dollars for like a dozen cakes.  Tastes great with cream cheese, or mascarpone cheese.  Fran likes to add a little fruit, or nut butters. 

I still think potatoes are a better food than rice. Or fruit.  But the amount of potato one should be eating to get your carbs in for the day is probably a lot smaller than you think. 

Time to get serious.  Weigh your food.

Ill be using the scale for meats, potatoes, fruits, other veggies, and cheese.  These are normal foods for me to guess on.  I would also recommend using the scale for nuts and nut butters, protein powders, and other supplements.  Its easy to under estimate on these.

In an effort to make ratios as good as possible, it’s almost a necessity to weight your food.  Over doing fats probably isn’t gonna hurt as much as over doing the carbs and or protein, but the carbs and protein are only needed in very small amounts. 

Fruit and Veggies Arent as Good as They Say

First watch this:


Then comment.  He is basically telling you that furctose from any source, is metabolically damaging; as bad as alcohol.  And kids are drinking/eating this stuff in dangerous quantities.

Remember as well that honey, and agave are pure fructose, even higher percentage wise than table sugar or high fructose corn syrup.  Damaging the liver, making you fat and sick, and increasing health care costs the world over.  My only beef with the video is the apparent sainthood awarded to fiber, which for all intents and purposes is inert, indigestable material at best, and is NOT dietarily essential.

Vegetables arent innocent either. 

All the more reason to stick to starches for carb sources.  Potatoes and rice.

Recently I read a nutritional guideline written by a dietary coach and trainer to many natural bodybuilding competitors.  He gave a short foods list for helping muscle gain as well as fat loss and the list looked like this:



Raw milk/cheese



Cottage cheese

Sea food (animals)


Some fruits

When asked why vegetables werent included, his reply was something to the effect of “we arent ruminants” and the implication was profound for me.

Read this:


We as non-ruminants simply cannot digest this stuff.  Even cooked, very little nutrition is getting to our cells.  We don’t have different stomach chambers with which to digest it, we don’t have the amount of bacterias to ferment it, we don’t regurgitate food to chew it more, and we lack the necessary enzymes to break down the cellulose (no animals have enzymes to break down cellulose).  We do have amylase though, and this is for the breakdown of STARCH.  Eat starch.

Will fruits and vegetables kill you?  Maybe. Probably not though. But they wont save your life either. Eat some, or don’t.  Fit it into your daily carb allowance and move on. 

Workout B

Deadlifts- 375lbs. 5 reps

Weighted Dips negatives only- 90lbs. 1min 3sec. Body weight hold 21sec

Hammer row negative only- 120lbs each hand. 5 full negative reps.

I’m so sore all up and down my back.  Pecs are sore.  Triceps are sore.  Wow.

Ate a little extra protein yesterday.  Back to fat today.

Optimal-Paleo at it’s best

Today’s breakfast: 

2 large cups of coffee with heavy cream

Today’s lunch:

Bacon, fried eggs, fried mushroom tops, and fried sirloin beef burgers.  Everything was fried in bacon grease.

Today’s dinner:

Optimal blueberry cheesecake courtesy of Fran.

I love her.  She just gets me.

I will also drink another 4-6oz of cream today, just for good measure.

Yesterday I decided to go back to simplicity as far as my workouts go.  I’ll be starting big 3 on a two-way split.

Workout A:
Leg press
Overhead press static/dynamic
Pullover static/ pulldown dynamic

Workout B:
Negative only dips
Negative only rows

This workout will be performed with 4-7 days between A and B.  My goal is strength and hypertrophy.  I will be sacrificing some conditioning to accomplish this goal, as I’ve recently read that it may be necessary to do this to maximize the desired response.  I want to grow this winter, and with the extra calories from fat I believe I can do this.  I will also be using creatine monohydrate, and drinking 1-2 gallons of water per day.  If this doesn’t work, I will go back to the metabolic conditioning workouts mixed with superslow.  But I want size.

Fran seems to be after the same thing too, so helping each other to obtain this will be mutually beneficial.  She just doesn’t eat enough, so for the next few days I’m making sure it happens.

She will be on 2000 calories, and I will be on 3000.  We will both be using the creatine and drinking tonnes of water.  She however, is convinced that working out 3x per week will work better than once every 4-7 days.  I’m less confident. 

Let the experiment begin.

13 days into the Whole 30

I feel fine.  Sleeping well, not really hungry, even energy through the day, etc.  These are all things I fully expected.

Something that Dr Kwasniewski talked about in his book was being able to deal with stress better.  Although I’m not exactly sure what he meant in that regard, I can say unequivocally, that I am dealing with plenty of stress, and dealing very well with it. 

This past week, two of my uncles passed away.  My dad’s youngest brother, and my mom’s oldest brother. Both of these men were close to 50 years old, and simply left before their time.  While I wasn’t particularly close to either of them, I felt a deep sorrow, and until last night I couldn’t describe why.  Really, I felt upset that many of my other family members will likely end up following in my uncles’ footsteps. 

Fran and I wholeheartedly agree on this fact.  And we will stop at nothing to make sure that at very least, we starve away disease in the best way possible for the rest of our lives.  I wanna hold great-great-grandchildren. 

Today’s goal:  eat perfect optimal ratios.